The history of our company dates back to 1991 when the company Alpintreff Berg & Ski Sport was founded; a guiding and travel agency for mountaineering and skiing based in the Netherlands with a subsidiary in Austria. Over the years the company changed a lot. What has remained is our focus on risk management and safety for high risk activities.

  • 1991


    The history of our company dates back to 1991 when the company Alpintreff Berg & Ski Sport was founded; a guiding and travel agency for mountaineering and skiing based in the Netherlands with a subsidiary in Austria. In the golden years our guides and instructors welcomed over 2000 guests per year at various locations in the Alpes (Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany). Both in summer and winter. Alpintreff was also responsible for training and assessing instructor courses for the Dutch Mountain Association (NKBV).

    To prepare our guests for activities in Alpes we started to facilitate courses and trainings in the Netherlands under the brandname Outdoor Academy: first aid, navigation, sports climbing, risk management, etc.

    Around the millennium Alpintreff & Outdoor Academy became market leader in outdoor travel.

    Our successful place in the market attrackted a lot of sponsors (The North Face, Black Diamond, Scarpa, Petzl, BEAL, Suunto, Julbo, SIGG and later Mammut Sports).

  • 2001


    In 2001 one of our sponsors -the well-known climbing equipment brand Petzl- asked us to develop their “professional” market in the Netherlands (climbing equipment for Work at Height and Rope Access). We decided to organize this within a new business unit: Ascent Safety BV. With training methodology and risk management in high risk area’s in our DNA we developed us as total solution provider for Height Safety (Consultancy, Training and Equipment).  In 2003 we decided to focus on this ‘professional’ market completely en stopped Alpintreff/Outdoor Academy. That focus proved to be a wise decision. Nowadays Ascent Safety dominates the Benelux market for height safety and rescue related topics with an impressive track record and customer base.


  • 2007


    In the early days of Ascent we started to train and equip special operations units (military and law enforcement). After 9/11 and raising piracy problems in the Gulf of Aden; the operational environment shifted dramatically for these user groups. Mountaineering techniques typically used where not sufficient for operations in urban area’s and maritime environment (ship boarding). Our background; a combination of mountain guiding, mountain rescue and now industrial climbing- and rescue lead to very creative solutions for tactical missions. In 2007 several former special operators from well known top tier law enforcement and military units joined the company. We decided to set up a new specialized business unit: Safe Tactics BV.

    It might sound arrogant, but in fact we quickly revolutionized the way urban and maritime operations where executed. Especially after we started a partnership with Swedish based power ascender manufacturer ActSafe, with whom we developed the T1-16 (2009); a unique tool that allows you to ‘ride a rope’ and nowadays is being used by most special operations units around the world. In close cooperation with end users we also developed other climbing systems such as ladder systems, air launchers, hooks and poles under the brand name TAGS Systems.

  • 2011


    Because of its close relationship with tactical end users Safe Tactics was asked also to provide other tactical apparel and equipment. In order for Safe Tactics to remain focus on “Solutions for Tactical Access Operations” we decided to facilitate this opportunity under a new specialized business unit: “Gear Point”; which nowadays is the exclusive regional distributor for premium brands like UF-Pro, Mechanix Gloves, Eberle Stock, Salomon Forces, WoundClot, Beaver Fit, Point 6 and Premium Select Dealer for 511 Tactical and Tasmanian Tiger.
    In addition to that Gear Point Special Products (SP) is a specialised section within Gear Point with focus on Tactical Technology Solutions that can be offered to specific clients only and where high integrity and secrecy are paramount. Gear Point is aiming at the Benelux countries.


  • 2013


    Over the years Safe Tactics’ brand TAGS and its products developed rapidly. In the beginning through partnership with several manufacturers that produced equipment on an exclusive basis for us. In 2013 TAGS Systems was founded in the Netherlands. Early 2016 TAGS Systems was transferred to the United Kingdom. In order to keep our top tier position in the market we decided to invest in engineering and manufacturing capability and opened a brand-new factory in the south of the UK (near Southampton). This is where TAGS Operations Centre is based. TAGS Development Centre is still based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands where a team of former operators, engineers and product designers are developing cutting edge access systems in close cooperation with worlds finest military and law enforcement special operations units.

    In 2017 TAGS opened it’s Forward Operating Base Asia Pacific (FOB-APAC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the aim to support the region close by with a service center and logistics support

  • 2018


    Early 2018 Safety Concepts Group acquired TACTS BV; a well-known tactical training and consultancy provider with an impressive portfolio and track record. We also merged the specialized high angle rescue and trauma care portfolio of Ascent Safety BV. Whereas Safe Tactics and TACTS where focusing on tactical end users; Ascent Safety focused on governmental rescue organizations, NGO’s and private sector companies.

    Joining forces, we decided to continue as TAGS® Academy BV; a true ‘one stop training provider’ for high risk operations. We recognized that ‘lessons learned’ in a specific field could be applied to under different circumstances. Resulting in highly effective, super safe; field proven solutions, that help save lives.


  • 2018


    After establishing TAGS Academy an internal reorganization took place. Safe Tactics BV was renamed to TAGS Systems BV.

    To date the TAGS Group of companies, exist of the following business units:

    – TAGS Systems Ltd;
    – TAGS Systems BV;
    – TAGS Academy BV,

    with focus on the following Missions:

    To profitably design, manufacture, bring to market and service, cutting edge highly innovative equipment for Tactical and Rescue – High Angle Operations developedin close cooperation with our user group: top tier military, -law enforcement and -rescue organizations.

    To facilitate highly innovative and effective risk-based training- and consultancy solutions for Military, Law Enforcement & Rescue Operations and travel in high risk area’s; Providing a “one stop solution” for NATO-Friendly Governments, -NGO’s and vetted private sector companies.